Construction industry is the inevitable trend of the development of the construction industry

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Traditional production methods are more common, mainly in poor quality, slow progress, consumption, pollution and more, China is in a serious imbalance between housing supply and demand period, the urgent need for a large number of housing, especially affordable housing, if you continue to follow the traditional The construction mode of production, will result in a large number of waste of social resources, due to the existing construction methods there are various drawbacks, has aroused great attention to the country, put forward the "sustainable development" strategy in the construction industry is focused on the development of energy Land-based construction and promote the construction of the industrialization process, which are in line with the needs of national strategic development, in the long run, the development of the industrialization of the macro industry in line with national interests:
Resource conservation: the use of industrial construction of 14 million square meters of residential, can save the consumption of resources;
Saving energy consumption: 5.6 million tons of standard coal = 140 million kWh;
Saving water: 12.6 million cubic = 1.2 Hangzhou West Lake water;
Reduce the loss of concrete: 88,000 cubic meters = 18 18-storey high-rise residential concrete consumption;
Reduce steel consumption: 8400 tons = 11 18-storey high-rise residential steel;
Reduced wood loss: 5.6 million cubic meters = 730 hectares of forest.
From the 90s of last century, China's construction industry has gone through nearly 30 years of history, like building blocks, cars built the same as the vision of the house with a series of related policies, technical updates, Advance. Experienced more than ten years of "obscurity", the construction industry seems to have ushered in the best development opportunities. Not only everywhere have increased the construction of the industry's guidance and support efforts, more and more brand housing prices began to spontaneously concerned about and joined the construction industry to explore the team.
The development of building industry can greatly improve the quality of construction. In China's real estate market, wall cracking, housing leakage and other quality problems have been plagued by consumers and real estate business. Because the current real estate industry, the low degree of industrialization, many processes have to be completed in the field, which makes the quality of housing subject to climate, temperature, environment, workers and work attitude and many other uncertainties constraints, resulting in these construction Defects. Residential industrial production can easily solve this problem.



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